An Interactive Product Development Studio


The Secret Society Formula

It’s the intersection where form meets function, where physical product meets digital product, where where Dorothy meets the Wizard. It is in the meeting of powerful polarities that we of the Monocle Society believe innovation is found. Through our collective disciplines of technological and creative development, we strive to build unforgettable interactive experiences.

Product Development

It’s the belief that what we put out into the world has power enough to change it. We take on projects with the power to change it for the better.

Interactive Design

We are experts in the field of game designs. From digital games to classic table top board game, we've got it covered.

App Lifecycle

We take ideas and make them a reality. At Monocle Society, we work closely with clients to create amazing and beautiful products from start to finish.



Monocle Society has partnered with some of the world’s top companies, helping them to develop outstanding products and user experiences for consumers across the globe. Not to mention the exciting new proprietary products we have brewing in our own secret underground labs.

Meet the team

The Members of Monocle Society

In our short tenure, the Society has garnered an illustrious roster of both development and creative talent who have worked with some of the grandest coportations across the globe, including Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Electronic Arts, Pop Cap, Amazon, Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon, GoldieBlox, Starbucks, Turner Broadcasting, and many more.

Team Member

Pioneer in the mobile industry since day one of the app store with one of the first 500 apps available.Since then he has made numerous products and worked with notable clients to account for over 500 million downloads. A passion for new technologies and platforms drove him to make Monocle Society in 2012.

Kyle Kinkade

Team Member

When not otherwise occupied with his fencing practice, Tony has spent the past ten years working on projects such as Microsoft's Smartglass, the Xbox app on Windows 10, multiple augmented reality installations with 3D visuals and motion sensors, and winning the Innovation award in the Ludum Dare game jam for his use of speech recognition as a game mechanic.

Tony Patino

Team Member

Over 15 years of dynamic coding experience,working with clients like Electronic Arts (EA), PopCap, Samsung, and Bosch. A skilled sole programmer with experience as a programming instructor, Justin has worked with Unity, Unreal, C, C++, C#, Leap Motion, and Oculus Rift to create products that exceed client expectations.

Justin Loudermilk

Team Member

A husband, father, and front-end developer that loves to work on the newest "Shiny" thing when he's not enjoying the country lifestyle of Arlington, WA. Currently in the Dad-Joke Hall of Fame.

Jordan Nelson

Team Member

-Music Maker
-Coffee Addict
-Amateur Astronaut
-Fan of Lists

Trent Ottosen

Team Member

Taking Alan Kay's advice to serious programmers to heart, Dave Switzer designs and builds custom hardware for fun and profit and strives to write code at all levels of the technology stack, sometimes failing epically. When not building "weird machines to mastermind the world" as his favorite gal likes to say, Dave enjoys staying active, cooking good food and watching cute animal videos.

Dave Switzer

Team Member

Has spent the last decade working with companies like Apple, GoldieBlox, Eleven Inc., Lucasfilm, etc., developing branded design experiences on a wide range of consumer products and intellectual properties. When not at work, she can likely be found with her nose buried in a book or lost somewhere in the woods hiking with her dog, Pippin.

Brianna Johnson

Team Member

Software developer. Android and Cloud master. Over 15 years of professional experience. Family man. Loves beer.

Gabe Ingram

Team Member

QA engineer with decades tabletop gameing experience in his free time you can find him gaming or painting miniatures when not just trying to break games.

Chris McKee

Team Member

Lynn has 16 years of entertainment and brand-building experience as both production artist and lead. She has worked on a wide range of IPs including Harley Davidson, Disney, Star Wars, Call of Duty, Bejeweled, and many more. After years of merchandise design, Lynn moved into console game development, followed by five years of mobile experience on PopCap's Blitz games. In 2013, Lynn founded Fat Loot Games, which develops its own titles while providing of top notch creative services.

Lynn Hogan

Team Member

Productivity enthusiast. A man who loves to plan, craft and deliver great value. iOS Developer and Games Programmer by his left side of his brain; a creative, artistic and sensitive by right. Besides: Master in Artificial Intelligence, UI and UX designer, Music Composer, and RPG games lover.

Piotr Szwach

Team Member

Truly passionate developer who worked on dozens of projects - mostly for iOS (Objective-C and Swift) and Unity3d (C#). Besides programming, he designs games, UI and UX. He also has a lot of academic experience in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. Privately he loves sport, coffee and rock'n'roll.

Wojciech Roszkowiak



The work of the Society is more just than a career for all it’s members. It’s the belief that what we put out into the world has power enough to change it. We take on projects with the power to change it for the better. Clients approach us with no more than the notion that they want to “make an app.” Others have an idea of what the app might look like and how it might perform but lack the skills to implement it. Where we soar is in our ability to take the seed or sapling of an idea and grow it strong and sturdy. Experience – and proven ability – to develop high-profile, featured apps certainly aids this ability. But it’s the personal interest we take in each of our projects that sets us apart. From the time we take on your idea until the moment the app is live, we walk with you, we talk with you. We cherish your vision. Because it’s our vision, too.


The Hallowed Headquarters of Monocle Society

5325 Ballard Ave NW Suite 206 Seattle, WA 98107