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Tabletop Redefined

The traditional roleplaying screen has been re-imagined for 2020. The Weave Storyteller Screen seamlessly integrates with devices when paired with the upcoming Weave Foresight update and sets a new standard for hybrid tabletop gaming.

Stories in seconds

The Weave Storytelling Screen uses Near Field Communication to load your personalized story or characters from your weekly gaming session with friends in seconds. Just unfold the screen, tap your device to it, and enjoy.


The Weave Storyteller Screen is compatible with the AR features in the upcoming AR update for Weave. Storytellers will have visual tools to convey the action happening inside of their story. Players can view what the Storyteller is doing through their own mobile device as it's happening live.

Weave Storyteller Screen

Weave: Storyteller Screen

The world's most technologically advanced  screen. Available now; NFC and augmented reality features unlocked with the Weave Foresight update (end of February 2020).