Storytelling Redefined

Weave is a 21st century role-playing game, designed digitally from the ground up. Play through multiple worlds through our playset system. The best part? Weave is completely free to play.

Minutes to Learn

No big hardcover book required. Weave is designed to be the easiest to learn roleplaying system available. Create a character and play within minutes.

Completely Digital

The Weave app comes with all the dice and components that you need to play. Never have to worry about forgetting your dice ever again. We got you covered.

Advanced Tools

Keep the story going without getting lost in the rules. Weave builds its mechanics into the tools that are used by both players and storytellers alike.

Cloud Storage

Everything in Weave is stored completely in our cloud. Create as many Games and Characters as you'd like and we'll keep them safe --for free.

Storyteller Screen

We created the most advanced roleplaying game screen ever. instantly load your character or favorite story by tapping on the screen with your device.

more features

remote play

Play with friends from anywhere in the world. Weave manages the entire state of your story online.

Camping mode

Take your adventure with you where your signal can't follow and unpack when you're back.


Make it even easier to invite players by adding them as a friend.


Weave lets players play through a single session or a campaign with Seasons and Episodes

Built-in Rules

No PDF required; All of the rules are easily accessible at any time and are always up to date.

Vibrant Community

Meet other storytellers, players and writers through our discord channel (we're in there too).

Weave Storyteller Screen

Weave: Storyteller Screen

The world's most technologically advanced  screen. Available now; NFC and augmented reality features unlocked with the Weave Foresight release.

Weave Community Preview