Very Special Announcement(s)

Today is Valentine's Day, a day for partners to celebrate each other and is basically Black Friday for Flower shops and that one company that sells those chalky heart candies. For Monocle Society, it's the one year anniversary when we announced Weave to everyone, and we're keeping our tradition with our next Weave announcement, or rather three Weave announcements.

Monocle Society welcomes Nathan Weisman

Nate has essentially been born and raised in the tabletop industry and has worked alongside his father Jordan Weisman at Harebrained Schemes doing narrative game design on games like Shadowrun Returns, Golem Arcana, and the upcoming Battletech title. We met Nate last summer and quickly discovered we share the same interest in app-enhanced gameplay and mixed reality. Monocle Society worked on the app for his latest cardgame Daemon Trilogy and realized that we could do so much more incredible things if we joined forces. So today we welcome Nate as SVP of Product and our official first Valentine. While he's done quite a bit of work already (which we'll get into below), he's got much more in store for both Weave as well as upcoming titles.

Playset Creator & Weave+ Accounts

Now let's talk about playsets. It's publicly known that we're working on the official Weave Playset creator, an application that will enable Weave players to write their own worlds and share them with their friends. Well, we've been planning and working hard behind the scenes and today we're excited to announce it's availability on March 30th of this year.

But what if you don't want to wait that long to get started on the awesome world you already have in mind? That's where the official markdown playset format comes in. Right now you can download the official template and jump right into writing using Markdown, a popular format for writers that makes it easy write a world without getting any code in the way.

But what if you want to sell your super awesome playset, or get access to pre-release copies of upcoming super awesome playsets? That's where the Weave+ accounts come in. Weave+ is a low-cost yearly service that we'll begin offering later this year, and it will give you access to things like:

  • Submit and sell to the upcoming Weave playset storefront
  • One free premium playset every quarter
  • Access to pre-release premium playsets
  • Beta access to future versions of the Playset Creator

 Weave+ is designed to eliminate the high cost of making your own RPG and working with publishers for Writers, as well as rewarding our most seasoned players with free premium content and upcoming releases. While this is our initial offering, we have much more in store for Weave+ accounts in the future. Full details for the Playset Creator and Weave+ accounts to be announced later this year.

Weave 2018: Standard & Advanced

When we say that Weave is a living system, we meant it. The Weave 2018.1 release earlier this year was us taking feedback from our community and clarifying the rules and improving the experience to both the game and the mobile application. However, that wasn't the whole picture. We wanted to make Weave hands down the best experience inside and out for both new players, experienced roleplayers, and everyone in between.

2018.2 will bring even more to the application, putting in our most requested features such as true support for iOS and Android tablets, secret message system, better remote play, character sheets for bosses, and new tools for Storytellers including app support for issuing challenges and enticements. Look for the 2018.2 update on March 30th of this year. It's going to be a great update and we can't wait to get it in your hands!

Now let's right to the big update; Weave 2018.3 and Weave Advanced. Weave Advanced is way to play weave that adds new layers of depth through building on the foundational of Weave that we all love. Simply put, Weave Advanced is exactly what it sounds like; we took the standard format for Weave and expanded on the mechanics and app to turn Weave into a full-fledged roleplaying game system without sacrificing the accessible and easy to play experience that defines Weave. Playsets can opt in to support both Standard and Advanced, and players can choose which one they want to use at the beginning of a season. More details about Weave Advanced and 2018.3 are coming soon, so stay tuned.

We're excited for 2018, and all the new products and updates that are coming out, and we will continue to update and announce throughout the year!


But before we go...



Computers fit on your desk, the most prominent rockstar in the world is a fae, and Beastman Hordes are struggling to try to make a life for themselves in America's Heartland. The year is 1978, and the world is changing faster than most people can tell. The millennia-long hibernation of magic is almost over and it, and those who live with it are getting their power back. With change however inevitably comes conflict.

The Magical Inquiry Bureau, one time protectors of magical communities, has been repurposed as an oppressive institution. Ancient grudges carried over from the last age of magic among the magical practitioners and races are reigniting. A new generation of Awoken, people who have discovered themselves having unknown connections to magic or the its ancient races, are rebelling against the magical orthodoxies to create their vision for the future. The melding of magic and technology has created a new gold rush, to create not only a new wave of technologies for the mundane but a host of Magitek weapons and devices that have given rise to a new breed of corporations that will stop at nothing to further their interests.

You find yourself a member of the Shadow Kin, a loose network of people who live on the fringe of society, who make a living working as mercenaries. The life of a Shadow Kin can end quickly and painfully, but for those who survive the profit is well worth the risk.

Umbral is our first premium playset from Nathan Weisman, and our first playset to take full advantage of the Weave Advanced format. More than just a single digital playset, Umbral is an all-new IP that Monocle Society will grow and support over the years with different experiences to help players get the most out of this immersive alternate reality.

Umbral will be available for sale at GEN CON later this year.

Back to work,



Kyle Kinkade

Founder & CEO, Monocle Society