Let's talk updates

You know the old saying when it rains it pours? Well here in Seattle we just call it Thursday, and at Monocle Society that's just putting it lightly. We’ve got a big update for you, so let's dive in.

So about Weave 2018.2

More than just development, what we're doing with Weave is one of the biggest undertakings I've ever experienced. We wanted this one to be right, and after looking at the overlapping feature set from 2018.2 and 2018.3 (Playset Creator, Weave Advanced), it became apparent that there's no way to do either update right if we separate them. This is tricky, though, because we want to get the Playset Creator out to everyone as soon as possible, but we simply can't do it without spoiling 2018.3 and everything we have in store. The solution? Weave 2018.2 will be a public beta that everyone can test and provide feedback on for the 2018.3 update. That's right; 2018.3 is our next official update, and 2018.2 is the beta that brings the community into the mix. We want to hear your feedback, your suggestions, and we want to make sure that this is a perfect release for June. The first build for the Weave 2018.2 Community Beta will be available April 25th, alongside the beta for the Playset Creator! Want to see it in action beforehand? Well, Geek & Sundry will be using an advance copy for Weave Society April 18th, where they will be playing the first game of Umbral live!


Give a warm welcome to

With Weave growing as fast as it is, we realized we needed someone full time who give the game and community the attention it deserves. It just so happens that person is Ryan Schapals, who is joining Monocle Society as the Producer for Weave. Ryan is well-practiced in the art of wearing many hats. Ryan started in games writing for Golem Arcana by Harebrained Schemes, later he joined Hyper RPG as their Production Manager, and most recently he served as the Narrative Director for Open Legend. There are so many things that we want to do, and we plan on seeing how many more hats we can fit on his head.

Many of you may already know that Ocho has been a part of Monocle Society for a while now. Well, he’s back. Sort of. We looked underneath the table and it turned out that he never left. That's a Good Thing™ because we need him and we weren’t sure where we had him last. Ocho is temporarily taking the Reigns as the official "Duke of Parcels" for Weave before he puts his focus back on QA for [PRODUCT REDACTED].


Wrapping up

2018 is going to the biggest year for Weave yet and we couldn’t have made it this far without all of you. Thank you for supporting Weave and helping us make this game what is today. We’re really excited about the upcoming release of Umbral, Weave Advanced, and all the custom playsets you’ll be sharing; and we’ve got even bigger plans in store.


But before we go...

One of the things we hear the most is "got any more of those... playsets?" and we hear you. We want more playsets too! So while we have plenty in the pipeline to talk about, today we’ll leave you with one final teaser. We have two new fantasy playsets in development that will be available in May. One will focus on the wackiness of fantastical worlds, while the other will be chocked full of the heroes, dungeons, and extravagantly named items you expect from a magical world.

Oh, and our first premium playset Umbral will be available for free in the community beta up until the Launch in June.


Back to work,



Kyle Kinkade

Founder & CEO, Monocle Society