Distinguished Storyteller Partnership Program

Monocle Society, creator of popular storytelling platform Weave, has announced the launch of the Distinguished Storyteller Partnership Program (DSPP). Distinguished Storytellers are featured live streamers and podcasters who are creating original, quality Weave content.
Monocle Society seeks to support and promote online creators playing Weave through the DSPP. Monocle commits to supporting Distinguished Storytellers logistically and technologically: promoting creators on social channels, providing them with access to the Weave+ digital service, and working with them to implement and integrate Weave features with their original content. Distinguished Storytellers can also create and play in original playset settings, which can be sold and featured through the upcoming Weave store.
“Weave has always prided itself on removing the barrier between wanting to play a TTRPG, and actually playing with your friends, within a matter of minutes,” said Edward Doty, an advisor to Monocle Society. “The Distinguished Partnership Program is the first step in the next evolution of that philosophy, by empowering players to create and play with their friends regardless of location or experience. We’re excited to launch the DSPP and discover stories and storytellers who can utilize the Weave+ toolkit in new and exciting ways.”
The Distinguished Storyteller Partnership Program is designed to showcase high-quality content by community creators that engages a broad audience of all ages. Monocle Society has opened applications for creators of audio and visual Weave content to become a Distinguished Storyteller. Throughout 2020, Monocle will be reviewing and accepting up to twelve partners to join the program.
The first Distinguished Storytellers to join the program include Perception Studio and Scratticus Academy. Perception Studio creates variety streamed content with their felted friends: puppets, props and sets that are built at the studio. Scratticus Academy creates welcoming streamed shows where players can learn to stream and roleplay while evoking emotions in a safe space.
To apply for the DSPP, fill out this form:

To receive a press sample, please email press@monoclesociety.com
About Monocle Society:
Monocle Society was founded in 2012 by Kyle Kinkade who established a presence in mobile tech since day one of the App Store. In 2017, Monocle Society released Weave, a revolutionary new way to create and publish stories inside any world. Weave established a name for itself in tabletop storytelling and has since aligned with established brands and tastemakers in the industry. Monocle Society is placing its efforts on interactive board games for mobile, augmented reality, and mixed reality devices with a focus on the casual market.